Dear Ohioan,

I am pleased to present this tool to help consumers stay informed about enforcement actions our Consumer Protection Section has taken involving unfair and deceptive practices. With this new search feature, Ohioans can now search for lawsuits our office has filed against individuals and businesses that violate the state’s consumer laws. We have placed this system online so the public can research and obtain as much relevant information as possible before deciding to do business with a company.

Using this search feature, all Ohioans can submit inquiries that will lead them to consumer protection lawsuits our office has filed and allow them to view copies of the formal complaint filed in court. From there, consumers can learn whether a final judgment was entered in that litigation and link to our existing Online Public Inspection File to obtain a copy of the judgment itself.

My office wants to protect Ohio’s consumers and businesses by ensuring a safe and strong marketplace through education, dispute resolution, and the enforcement of consumer laws. I hope this search feature will allow consumers to make informed decisions when engaging in consumer transactions.

Respectfully Yours,

AG Signature

Ohio Attorney General